R/C Comp Score Calculator

These details are for the latest app version (2.0), please be sure you hae the current version installed.

Customize Scoring: Scroll to the bottom of the opening view and tap on the double gear icon to customize scoring fields and values. If you change the score settings after you've saved scores for the day, all saved scores will be deleted.

Scoring Presets: Gate Marker = +10 points each, Rollover +5 points each, Boundary Marker = +10 points each, Repair Touch = +10 points each, Course Direction = +10 points each, Self Recovery = +3 points each, Assist Recovery = +10 points each, Reverse = +1 point each, Progress = -2 points each, and Bonus = -5 points each. All of these names and numbers are customizable. The numbers are customizable from -10 to +10 each and each can be scored a maximum of ten times. Additional items are preset, but customizable as well: DNS = +50 points, DNF = +20 points and Point-Out is set to 80. You can customize two Class Options to add to the existing "1.9 Scale", "2.2 Sport" and "2.2 Pro" as well. After customizing, preset defaults can be restord by "Deleting All Settings" using the trashcan icon at the top right of the "Customize Scoring" view.

Retrieving Daily Scores: Tap "View Today's Scores" at the bottom of the opening view. If you have saved scores today, your list of scores will be presented. You can swipe left to delete a score row. When viewing "Today's Scores" you can use the share icon at the top right to share a screenshot of what you have in view on your screen. Use the CSV icon at the top left to export a CSV data file of today's scores. You can retrieve the scores you've saved for the day.  Scores are automatically deleted at the end of the day.

Score Details: When viewing "Today's Score" list, tap on a row to view all details of the scoreset. When viewing details you can use the share icon at the top right to share a screenshot of what you have in view on your screen.

If you have any questions, comments or issues, please contact me at 360margarita@gmail.com

Adjustable Timer: You can set the countdown time from 1 minute to 10 minutes. The preset time is for 6 minutes, use the slider to adjust in either direction.  The timer offers a play and pause button and counts down to zero. Leave app open when using the timer.

Each scoring item can be scored up 10 times.

A running Points Total is kept, along with a running “Final Total”. The "Points Total" includes all of the scoring points above it (in the dark gray sections). The “Final Total” includes the “Points Total” plus “DNS” plus “DNF” values.

Fill in Driver Name, Select Class and enter a single digit Course number. "Location or Notes" is an optional field for a short note about location or anything else.