R/C Comp Score Calculator

You can use this app without a subscription or with one.  The premium version is included with a subscription.

You will automatically be charged $1.99 per month when the introductory offer is over - unless you cancel your subscription before that. With a subscription, you'll have access to all premium features. When purchasing a subscription, you'll automatically be presented with Sign In/Log In, please do not close the purchase window, it will close itself after the transaction is complete, after that first time users will set up an account and returning users will login.

Scoring is customizable and you have the option to submit, save and retrieve scores.  An adjustable timer allows you to set the start time from 1 minute to 10 minutes.  The timer counts down to zero and has the option to pause/play. Leave app open when using the timer.

You can select "Settings" at log-in to customize the score list.  If you change the settings after you've saved scores for the day, you will lose those saved scores. Presets are Gate Marker = +10 points each, Rollover +5 points each, Boundary Marker = +10 points each, Repair Touch = +10 points each, Course Direction = +10 points each, Self Recovery = +3 points each, Assist Recovery = +10 points each, Reverse = +1 point each, Progress = -2 points each, and Bonus = -5 points each. All of these names and numbers are customizable. The numbers are customizable from -10 to +10 each and each can be scored a maximum of ten times. Additional items are preset, but customizable as well: DNS = +50 points, DNF = +20 points and Point-Out is set to 80. You can customize two Class Options to add to the existing "1.9 Scale", "2.2 Sport" and "2.2 Pro" as well. Your last saved options are retrieved at log-in. 

You can retrieve the scores you've saved for the day.  Scores are removed at the end of the day. Please note that data/internet is needed for saving scores.  A poor data connection may affect the ability for submitting, saving/retrieving and customizing scores.

When viewing the score details page, you can copy and paste the scoring details, by each row. This option is not available on the "View Today's Scores" page. Copying and pasting can be helpful for forwarding via a text message or email, saving in your notes app, etc.

After purchasing a subscription, you'll need to set up an account with your email address and password. This information is only used to customize and save/retrieve stores.

If you have any trouble accessing scores or have questions, please contact me at help@rccompscorecalculator.com

Without a subscription, you'll have eight fixed scoring items with FIXED SCORE VALUES. DNS (Did Not Start) and DNF (Did Not Finish) are also included with FIXED SCORE VALUES. Running totals are kept as your score.

The DNS point value is set to 50 and the DNF point value is set to 40. These values are fixed. With a subscription, you'll have the ability to customize these values.

With an adjustable timer, you can set the countdown time from 1 minute to 10 minutes. The preset time is for 6 minutes, use the slider to adjust in either direction.  The timer offers a play and pause button and counts down to zero. Leave app open when using the timer.

Scoring items are as follows: GATE/MARKER = +10 points each, REPAIR/TOUCH = +10 points each, ROLLOVER = +5 points each, REVERSE = +1 point each, DIRECTION = +10 points each, SELF-RECOVERY = +3 points each, PROGRESS = -2 points each and BONUS = -5 points each. Each scoring item can be scored up 10 times.

A running Points Total is kept, along with a running “Final Total”. The "Points Total" includes all of the scoring points above it (in the dark gray sections). The “Final Total” includes the “Points Total” plus “DNS” plus “DNF” values. If your DNS and DNF value requirements differ, you can still use the information, but just manually calculate your final score with the difference of your needed DNF/DNS values. With a subscription the DNS/DNF values are customizable.

You can fill in the Driver and Location/Class. This is included for screenshot purposes and the data will not be saved. To save scores, take screenshots. 

For complete scoring customization and saving scores, please sign-up for a subscription. When you subscribe, you'll unlock premium features, including the ability to adjust scoring values, setting a point-out value and saving/retrieving scores.